Anonymous asked: I'm going to sea island this summer have any suggestions


Yes!! Definitely get your hands on a bike. They’re especially awesome to ride to and from the beach if you’re staying in a cottage, but even if you’re in the hotel or something you should definitely go on a few bike rides. I spent a little while exploring on a bike taking tons of photos. It was the highlight of my trip. Also, go shooting!! My cousins did it and I wish I went. And check out the spa at The Cloister..the locker rooms are kind of amaze.

As for off island activities and whatnot - there’s a Tibi outlet on St. Simon’s in Redfern. It’s amazing!!! My aunt also heard about a little store in that area thats supposed to be great but the name is slipping my mind. There’s definitely some fun shopping. We ate at a place called Southern Soul and it was exceptional. There’s also a little hole in the wall on St. Simon’s called Del Mar Tacos. It’s a must if you’re down there.

Have fun!! It’s my favorite place in the entire world and have had some really amazing times down there. The scenery and the people are enough to make for a really great vacation.

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